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For many students, dissertation writing is a very exciting, challenging and ultimately rewarding for them. A dissertation can’t be considered as a long version of coursework essay as coursework essay mostly relies upon other’s opinions. But a dissertation is an extensive study of a specific topic done by one person who has been given that task of writing a dissertation in order to get PhD or M.Phill degree. So the concept of long coursework at this stage must be clear. A dissertation must show strong grasp of the secondary literature as well as crucially based on the evaluation of primary sources. A dissertation also needs to have a case. It is not enough to reproduce the arguments of others, but you need to make up your own mind about the topic based on your reading of the main resources.

There are some important tips which may help in writing a dissertation. You must prefer to write about something that benefits you. A dissertation has need of a considerable amount of time and effort. If you get uninterested of the subject then you will find it hard to stimulate yourself.

The topic must be of a handy size. Many students at the start choose a topic that is too big to be covered in the available time. Remember you only really have a term to complete the research, on top of your other work. Your tutor can help you slight down a topic and advise you on what is practical. The topic must be practical and allow you to show the originality of your work. And this does not mean that you have to choose such a topic that has never been used before or to do such a research work that has never been done before. It only means that when you have a broad area of topic then you will feel ease to set your aims within the topic. Use a working title to start with as your ideas, arguments and approach may shift as your works progresses. Using primary and secondary sources is also a great tact while writing a dissertation. A primary source may be any simultaneous proof concerning to your topic. It includes both written or oral material published or unpublished. The most primary resources are parliamentary papers, government papers, contemporary essays, comments or surveys.

All subsequent analysis in the form of articles or books are the secondary resources.

Look for appropriate reading of your special subject reading list look around through the relevant category numbers in the library. The structure of your dissertation can vary according to your topic and also style of writing. Appendices are a helpful tool for including important fabric that would make the case difficult to track if included in the main body of the text, for example, pictures, tables or details of oral history respondents. Don’t include anything, even in an appendix, that isn’t necessary for your argument. A dissertation should conform to the academic standards of presentation.


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